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Goodbye Mosquitoes.
Eliminate pesky mosquitoes and enjoy your yard again! Trust Birmingham Mosquito Control and take back your outdoor space.

Make Your Outdoor Space More Enjoyable

Mosquito Control Company Serving Birmingham, Alabama

Here in Central Alabama, the fight against mosquitoes never truly ends. Maybe you’re a homeowner, and you can’t enjoy that new deck or pool you just built because of swarming pests. Or maybe you want to say “I do” under a brilliant summer sky, but you don’t exactly want to mention bug spray in the dress code. Whatever your situation, one thing’s for sure: mosquitoes are never welcome guests. When fighting them starts to feel like a losing battle, it’s time to take back control. That’s where Birmingham Mosquito Control comes in.

We’re a locally owned pest control company that understands how to fight mosquitoes on our home turf. Our regular mosquito treatment services protect your home on a 21-day cycle all season long, and our mosquito spray event services are ideal for ensuring your special occasion is magical and mosquito-free. For mosquito control Birmingham, call us today or stop by our Birmingham office located at 25 W Oxmoor Rd Suite 50-A, Birmingham, AL 35209.

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Invest in Peace of Mind

Fight the Bite Guarantee

At Birmingham Mosquito Control, we’re committed to your family’s comfort. If you’re getting bitten between visits, give us a call and we’ll come out to spray your property again for free.

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Pest Control Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Seasonal & Event Mosquito Control Solutions Available

Our team provides personalized customer service, using our local knowledge to deliver effective, long-lasting solutions. Our technicians understand the best practices for mosquito barrier control to ensure your yard or outdoor environment is fully protected against pests. Don’t waste the beautiful space your Alabama yard provides. Let our team help you maximize your time outdoors today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Mosquito Control FAQs

During what months do you treat for mosquitoes?

We perform mosquito treatment from March through October as temperatures are rising and mosquito populations are highest. As temperatures lower, mosquito treatment isn't needed as the population declines and pesky bites don't happen as frequently.  Mosquito treatment is completed on a 21-day treatment cycle from March through October and a full season of mosquito control service would include up to 11 visits. 

What communities do you provide service to in Birmingham?

We provide mosquito, flea, and tick control services throughout the Birmingham, Alabama area and will drive approximately 25 miles from downtown Birmingham. The primary communities serviced include Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Helena, Alabaster, and more. 

Do you offer any other services in addition to mosquito control services?

Yes, we provide flea control services and tick control services throughout the Birmingham area. These services are add-on services to ongoing mosquito control. By adding flea and tick control services, your technician will include full yard treatment and wooded area treatment to immediately kill fleas and ticks and ensure they don't come back. Last, we provide event treatment for mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. In contrast to our ongoing services, event treatment includes a one-time visit that can ensure a safe and pest-free experience for a wedding, outdoor dinner, birthday party, and more. 

How do you get rid of mosquitoes on my property?

Birmingham Mosquito Control uses a premium insecticide blend that includes bifenthrin, an insect growth regulator, and surfactant. In combination, this mixture kills mosquitoes on contact and ensures future mosquito populations are kept at bay. Through the use of a commercial grade misting blower, our technicians will treat the leafy bushes, trees, and undergrowth on your property, which is where mosquitoes rest during the day. With a 21-day treatment cycle, you'll get mosquito protection from March through October when mosquito populations are high.

Do you treat the front yard and the back yard of my property?

Absolutely! Our standard mosquito service includes treatment for the entire yard with an emphasis on where you and your family/friends spend time. Our trained and certified technicians complete mosquito barrier treatments which includes creating a perimeter around the most important areas of your yard. This barrier treatment immediately kills mosquitoes and protects your yard for several weeks.

Why choose Birmingham Mosquito Control for mosquito extermination in Birmingham, AL?

First, Birmingham Mosquito Control is locally owned and operated business in Birmingham, AL. This means your dollars are being invested right here in your area. Unlike many other competitors, who are associated with national franchises or regional corporations, all dollars stay right here in the area. Next, our team members are properly trained and use a premium blend that kills mosquitoes effectively and ensures they don't come back. Last, we offer a Fight the Bite Guarantee, which ensures that if you get bites between 21-day sprays, our team will come back out and perform an additional treatment for no additional fee. 

How much is mosquito control service?

Our prices vary based on your property size, services performed, and the time of year. Our average price is $70 per treatment and we treat properties every 21-days during the mosquito season (March through October). Be sure to ask us about promotions as we're always offering some type of discount. In addition, you can receive additional discounts for paying multiple treatments in advance. Check out our mosquito control pricing and online booking page.

Why should we reduce the mosquito population?

Mosquitoes can be very dangerous and transmit 28 different diseases. These could include west nile, dengue, and malaria. Mosquito transmitted diseases cause more deaths worldwide than any other single cause. 2. Mosquitoes can take the fun out of your backyard and limit the enjoyment value of your most valuable asset; your property. To get the most enjoyment out of your property, especially during the Spring and Summer months, controling mosquitoes is a key component.

What form of payment do you take for mosquito service?

At Birmingham Mosquito Control we take every major credit card. That includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We also accept debit cards for payment. Regarding when you pay for service, if you "pay per spray" your card on file will be charged the day of service. If you choose "one time pay" we will charge your card up-front for the season, which enables you to see a 10% discount benefit. 


Outdoor Insects Beware

Our Pest-Free Process

Our team uses a proven fogging agent to treat leaf litter and wooded areas around your home.
In under 30 minutes, your property will be protected for 21 days—an entire mosquito life cycle.

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Schedule Your
First Treatment
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Complete Property
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Repeat Treatment
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Technicians You
Can Trust.

Technicians You <br>Can Trust.

What Residents Have to Say About Birmingham Mosquito Control

I can’t recommend Birmingham Mosquito Control enough. We’ve used several other providers in Birmingham for mosquito control and pest service but they are the best. They are locally owned and managed and provide a phenomenal service with incredible care for their customers. They not only show up on time they send regular updates and check-ins to help make sure that our property is mosquito free!
Jack Louis
Mountain Brook, AL
Excellent service and excellent mosquitoes even though I live on a lake. I AM TRULY AMAZED. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Judy Vercher
Vestavia Hills, AL
I’ve been very happy with them! They text me to let me know when they’ll here to spray. They’re very thorough spraying the trees, bushes and grass. They’re super nice, knowledgeable, and value my opinions. And No Mosquitoes!
Sharon Bell
Hoover, AL